Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends is your new favorite fictional mystery podcast. Fully dramatized with actors and sound effects, Mutual Friends tells the story of what happens when your past comes back in a big way.
This is the capstone for my Master's. I created and produced the show and all promotional materials from scratch.

Rent Week

Rent Week is a text-based interactive game designed to illustrate the financial challenges that undergraduate students at the University of Georgia often face and the role that privilege can play in surviving that dreaded last week of the month. I created this game concept with a partner during my graduate course in Emerging Media Storytelling. Together, we planned, developed, designed and ultimately developed the game using an open source game-making tool called Twine.

Signature Animation

During my first semester of grad school, I was trying to find ways to mix organic art and animation. After tweaking a tutorial and diving into Illustrator, Javascript, and SVG's this is the result.

Undergrad Portfolio

My portfolio leaving Undergrad. I was very proud of the gradient animation and hand made buttons.

Zombie Farms

Zombie Farms was one of my first big radio stories. With help from a friendly producer, I got my first experiences with interviewing, collecting natural sound, writing a script, and piecing it all together.

Live Performance

This episode, the reigns were handed over to myself and Sydney. Together we produced our pieces and the episode as a whole, even initiating our first partnership with a local Moth-style collective.

Free Little Libraries

This piece is an example of a more pared-down story; focusing on one interview with no natural sound. This piece definitely taught me the importance of cutting down to the essentials while maintaining a cohesive story, even if you didn't get every piece of tape that you wanted.

Food Imports

For a Data Visualization course, I wanted to highlight the impact larger political actions could have on everyday citizens. I used open source data and Illustrator to show how tariffs can trickle down and impact our nation's food supplies.

Population Change Map

For this visualization, I wanted to stretch my Illustrator skills and make a map with a pop out. This visual used open source data to formulate an appropriate color scale, and illustrator to create accompanying text and graphics.

Podcast Visual

The world of podcasting data has always been a little hit or miss. Only recently have major distributors opened up more of their data to the public. In an attempt to get a better understanding of the podcasting landscape and how it's growing, this visualization used Tableau to create an interactive experience for podcast connoisseurs.

Snapple Social Report

As a part of the team, I helped create a social media plan for Snapple. As design lead, I combined and organized everyone's work into one cohesive and aesthetically pleasing report using InDesign.

iPhone X report

Using Crimson Hexagon, my team and I analyzed social media buzz surrounding the announcement and release of the iPhone X. As data and design lead, I played a key role in drawing conclusions and creating the visually please report in InDesign.

Bing Report

In my User Experience research class, we wanted to find out if Bing really is as bad as everyone thinks it is. Throughout the semester we conducted focus groups, surveys, and experiments to get at the heart of why Bing is so widely reviled. As data lead, I used excel to analyze our findings and see if we could come to any statistically significant findings.

Athenia Logos

While the original design is by a local artist, I was tasked with rasterizing it for future use. With each new episode, I created a remixed logo based on the episode's theme.

Athenia Videos

To encourage more audio producers to join our group, I created a series of promotional videos to run on our facebook. Each video featured one of our producers sharing why they loved being a part of Athenia. After the audio was recorded, I went about creating the visuals using AfterEffects.